Aircrete Dome Building Workshop Retreats in Costa Rica

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One of the owners of Rancho Delicioso, Joseph has been studying this new building material called Aircrete and is considering offering 7-14 day workshop retreats on how to build your own dome home.    

Aircrete: or aerated cement, is a new building material that has created an inexpensive sustainable eco friendly housing solution.  It is a lightweight material (it even floats in water) that’s super insulating and totally workable with wood tools! The term Aircrete was originally coined by Hajjar Gilbron, founder of DomeGaia, who is now a good friend of Joseph’s.  But it’s been around on the industrial scale under the names foamcrete, foam-concrete and cellular concrete. Until the last few years it was only available with large scale expensive equipment. Hajjar, created a device that makes it available on the DIY (do it yourself) level.  And along with his creative dome shape designs and building method it makes for a super unique and beautiful organic structure that has many possible applications.  For example:  

aircrete dome workshop

This photo is of the dome Joseph and the students made at his first workshop located in Michigan.

This workshop/retreat would be an opportunity to learn and practice aircrete mixing, block making and stacking, so that you’ll be equipped to bring this fascinating technique to your land or community.  Joseph is a trained teacher through DomeGaia (.com) and he would also be discussing or demonstrating: the history and mineral science of cement and clay and sacred geometry design concepts and resonant harmonic frequencies to help you create the ultimate sacred dome home.    

This is a call out to see if anyone is interested!  Please send an email to [email protected] if you have questions or would like to be on the list for future aircrete workshop retreat announcements.  

Joseph Mikrut is a designer, scientist, philosopher, entrepreneur, board certified naturopath and eco builder.  He’s passionate about the environment, natural health, consciousness and sacred geometry which can all be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle and home.  Check out his tree house!