Geoff McCabe

Wild Sun Wildlife Rescue Center

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Man Holding AnteaterThe mission of the Wild Sun Rescue Center is to have a positive impact on conservation. They do this through rescue, rehabilitation and release of local fauna as well as via reintroduction of locally extinct species.

You can volunteer with Wild Sun in several ways so long as you can commit to staying 2 weeks or longer. You will be trained to care for animals, whether by hand feeding baby animals or even changing bandages, dressing wounds, giving medicine and more. Volunteers support wildlife 6 days a week for 4-8 hours a day depending on current needs, amount of wildlife and number of volunteers present at any given moment.

There are 4 volunteer positions available:

  • Short term volunteers stay for 2 weeks. They are expected to pay for their room and board at a rate of $420/wk. This includes a meal plan of 3 meals a day except for lunch and dinner on Saturdays.
  • Long term volunteers commit to 1-2 months and pay half that rate ($210/wk). This also includes the meal plan.
  • Full term volunteers commit to 3 months (the length of stay of a Costa Rica Tourist visa) for whom accommodations are free. They can choose to find their own food or they can sign up for the meal plan for $150/wk. Full term volunteers who choose not to add the meal plan must pay a deposit of $800 which will be returned at the end of a stay of the required full term.
  • Interns are offered free room and board for a minimum commitment of 3 months. We offer 1 internship position at a time. This position is counted upon to go the extra mile. Interns train other volunteers, work longer hours and do some of the dirty work. This position is very competitive and is chosen about 3 months in advance. Interns are expected to pay a deposit of $500 which will be returned at the end of a stay of the required full term.

If you would like more information about volunteering with wildlife at Wild Sun Rescue Center, please visit