Geoff McCabe

First Annual Mud Day Festival

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Mud Skippers

Joseph and the volunteers were looking for an excuse to have a party of some kind, since a few volunteers had birthdays around the same time, and they chose a convenient day that worked for everyone. They decided they wanted a theme for it, so they started looking online to see what special events or celebrations were happening on that day in other places. To their delight, they discovered that June 29th is International Mud Day!

So, that was unanimously voted to be the theme for the party.

We dug a hole near the passion dome, and made sort of a mud slide, and added water and…. instant mud bath!

Everyone got into it, and anyone who didn’t get into it was of course quickly dragged into it! We now understood why, millions of years ago, the first fish crawled up out of the water and became mud skippers!

It was so much fun, we decided to make it an annual event and invite more people next time!

Everyone is already looking forward to the next June 29…

Mud Day Video Clip