Geoff McCabe

Important Dates and Festivals to Celebrate

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Lips Appreciation Day

March 16: Lips Appreciation Day

The following is a list of very important dates that must be observed at Rancho Delicioso, with celebrations, special food, costumes, and general fun:

As part of our never-ending effort to create a fun and unique culture here at the farm, we have decided that each volunteer should pick one holiday to lead the farm in celebration during their time here. Some of them are pretty hilarious.

So, if you are planning to volunteer here at Rancho Delicioso, choose one of the holidays on this list (or any other you can find) and be the leader in creating a celebration on the day here at the farm. It could be something simple, or something more extravagant, depending on your motivation and creativity.

The ones in bold were unanimously voted on by our current volunteers as being especially important to celebrate, but this is not a requirement. We are flexible here with our celebrations.

Jan 12: Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day
Jan 15: Dress Up Your Pet Day / Hat Day
Jan 16: Appreciate a Dragon Day
Jan 17: Birth Day of Don Quixote (Day of First Publication)
Jan 19: Popcorn Day
Jan 29: Free Thinkers Day
Jan 31: Inspire Your Heart with Art Day
Feb 01: International Broccoli Day
Feb 04: Homemade Soup Day
Feb 13: Get A Different Name Day
Feb 14: Valentine’s Day
Feb 17: Random Acts of Kindness Day / Champion Hermit Crab Races Day
Feb 22: World Thinking Day / World Banana Bread Day
Feb 29: National Surf and Turf Day (Surfing + Vegetarian Meal Day)
Mar 08: International Wild Women’s Day
Mar 10: Dream Day
Mar 16: Lips Appreciation Day
Mar 20: World Frog Day / Spring Equinox
Mar 22: World Water Day / National Goof-off Day (Great Combination)
Mar 26: Make Up Your Own Holiday Day / World Spinach Day
Mar 28: Something on a Stick Day
Apr 04: Deep Dish Pizza Day
Apr 07: World Health Day / World Beer Day (Do we have to choose?)
Apr 12: Look Up At The Sky Day
Apr 19: World Circus Day / Garlic Day
Apr 21: International Creativity and Innovation Day
Apr 22: Earth Day
Apr 25: National Zucchini Bread Day
Apr 29: International Dance Day
May 01: Global Love Day / Lei Day
May 02: Fire Day!
May 03: Paranormal Day
May 06: Buddha Day
May 08: No Socks Day
May 11: Eat What You Want Day
May 15: International Family Day
May 16: Pizza Party Day / Wear Purple for Peace Day (What a great combination!)
May 21: World Day for Cultural Diversity
May 22: World Day for Biological Diversity
May 23: World Turtle Day
May 25: Towel Day
May 27: Body Painting Arts Festival
Jun 07: National Chocolate Ice Cream Day (U.S. Holiday)
Jun 08: World Ocean Day
Jun 29: International Mud Day
Jul 01: International Fruit Day / Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day / Build A Scarecrow Day (This is looking to be a fun day!)
Jul 13: Fool’s Paradise Day
Jul 16: World Snake Day
Jul 20: International Cake Day
Aug 03: National Watermelon Day
Aug 07: Sea Serpent Day
Aug 10: Lazy Day
Aug 14: World Lizard Day
Aug 18: Bad Poetry Day
Aug 22: Be An Angel Day
Aug 29: More Herbs, Less Salt Day
Aug 30: Burning Man 2014 & National Toasted Marshmallow Day!
Sep 03: International Coastal Cleanup Day & International Kale Day
Sep 13: International Chocolate Day
Sep 15: Costa Rica Independence Day
Sep 16: Collect Rocks Day
Sep 19: Talk Like a Pirate Day
Sep 21: World Gratitude Day / International Banana Festival
Sep 29: Inventors Day
Sep 30: International Passion Day / National Mud Pack Day
Oct 01: International Music Day / World Vegetarian Day
Oct 02: World Farm Animals Day
Oct 20: World Chef’s Day
Oct 25: Punk For A Day Day
Oct 28: National Chocolate Day (There are two chocolate days but worth celebrating twice.)
Nov 01: Dia de los Muertos
Nov 04: Waiting For The Barbarians Day
Nov 20: Absurdity Day
Dec 01: National Pie Day
Dec 05: International Volunteers Day
Dec 10: Día Mundial del Payaso (World Clown Day) / Festival For The Souls Of Dead Whales
Dec 13: Ice Cream Day
Dec 16: National Chocolate Covered Anything Day