Clement Nataf

Tuning In from Within

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One of the many activities here at Rancho Delicioso is being part of what we call intuitive listening. This is where one has to only listen, observe and reflect on their own for the day.. in Silence. So whilst you get to learn about organic farming and live in a community, you are also encouraged to tune into and listen to the spirit in the plants and trees. The habit of listening to nature helps people to become centered in themselves by carefully hearing and observing what’s around them. By becoming very still, one can feel the flow and vibrations that nature always presents us- it even speaks to us from within our own heart.

So how do we do this?

One volunteer at a time works in silence for the whole day including the morning after, then a new volunteer is chosen to be on silence and this is passed on each day to the next volunteer, unless of course they decide to be on silence for a few more days. Easy!? Well let’s read on from the past Silencers’ experiences.

How to be in silence for the day

1. No speaking
2. No internet (no reading and writing is allowed)
3. No eye contact if possible with other farm family members

Stephanie Dandurand - 19yo, Alberta Canada, time at the farm 3 months

Stephanie Dandurand – 19yo, Alberta Canada, time at the farm 3 months

“The silent reflection was something I saw as a gift, a sacred time that was rewarded to me. I feel this because not only was I able to observe my farm family members, but also, could observe myself and my own thoughts. By the end of my silence I had been given a calmer mind-set, able to better assess my surroundings and feelings. All together it was a gift to be on silence as I can now have a better understanding about what surrounds me with peace of mind.”

Vincent Schueren

Vincent Schueren – 21 y.o., North Carolina USA, time at the farm 3 weeks

“Today is my Dia De Silencia. I am in the Awareness, high in the trees. I express myself primarily through my voice. It’s therapeutic to sing. So being silent for the day has been a little rough! But it has taught me. I noticed that when I am around a conversation and my brain generates a thought to add, that thought is very important and special to me because I made it. So in my head, this thought DESERVES to be shared with the world. Maybe it should be sufficient for the thought to be experienced and appreciated by only me”

Quincy Malesovas, 20 y.o., North Carolina USA, time at the farm 3 weeks

Quincy Malesovas, 20 y.o., North Carolina USA, time at the farm 3 weeks

“I was the first of the group to experience Silence Day. Although I struggled with staying quiet the whole day, I realized a lot. Obviously, I learned that working with my team members is much harder when I can’t verbally communicate with them. But I also realized that I am much more observant, aware and present when I am silent. I listen before I speak. I appreciate the little things all around me that I may bypass on any other day. The final- and most surprising- thing I learned from this experiment was that I was very grateful for the ability to speak! I am an introverted, soft-spoken person by nature. However, practicing silence made me excited to speak up. After my turn in silence, I engaged in conversation more frequently. I found my voice and my confidence. I’m excited to continue finding balance in this area of my life, as there are times to speak and times not to.”