Geoff McCabe

We Grew Guinness Record Breaking Soursop

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Worlds Largest Soursop

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest Soursop (Guanabana) ever grown was a measly 8.14 pounds (3.69 kg) so ours was nearly double the weight! Ours weighed 16 pounds (7.26 Kilos)!

Check out the old record on the Guinness website here: And you can see a photo of it here to compare the sizes:

Guinness Record breaking world's biggest sousop guanabana

Guinness Record Breaking Soursop – 16 pounds!

World Record Soursop showing 16 pounds![/caption]I have applied with Guinness for verification of the record but I suspect that because I only have photographic proof and it wasn’t measured by a certified Guinness expert, or whatever they require, we won’t end up in their book, but still it’s fun to beat a record!

This shows the power of organics! One might think that to set a record, you’d need to pump the soil full of chemicals or use a GMO fruit.

Soursop grows very easily in our part of Costa Rica, and is an extremely tasty fruit, especially good in smoothies. It has amazing cancer-curing properties, according to various sources such as this:

This is also one of my favorite plants on the farm, because Guanabana trees produce fruit ALL YEAR! The only other fruit tree I can think of that seems to do that here, besides bananas/plantains, is Starfruit. With others, we have to wait patiently for the right season, but not the soursop. With several trees, a small farm can enjoy it year-round.

What’s our secret? This tree was planted within a large garden bed that was double-dug and had lots of manure mixed in. Other than that, pure luck I guess.