Are you interested to stay on “The farm” as we call it, to check out the good life of Costa Rica? We have a few rentals available for you to choose from, each designed and built by various residents of Rancho Delicioso.

Currently, Rancho Delicioso has the following on for rent:

Yoga Retreat Center - Natural Palm Roof Structure

River Palace (up to 16 People):


Sacred Geome-Tree House (up to 2 people):


Living Bamboo Tree House Tower (up to 5 people)


Container House Montezuma

Container “Tiny House” (up to 2 people):

Beautiful Video:


Poolside Oasis (up to 2 people):


Floating Miracle (up to 5 people):


Geoff’s Oasis (up to 5 people):

Beautiful Video: