Geoff McCabe

Casa Deliciosa For Sale

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Costa Rica eco house

We currently live in Casa Deliciosa, which is a “recycled house” remodeled from a designer-style real estate office that was on the farm when we bought it. This ultra-modern shape was designed by a local Costa Rican architect. We took it upon ourselves to make this structure into a tropical dream-house, and the results have been spectacularly received by everyone who has visited it.

It has a really interesting shape, making it larger above than below. This creates a wonderful feeling of space and light which has to be experienced to really appreciate it. Most people are truly amazed by the design when they enter.

We added a sleeping/office loft, two outside garden bathrooms, a walk-through closet, and a huge kitchen that replaced three office cubicles.

Basic Real Estate Details

Price: US$450,000
Land (Main Lot): 4200 m2
Extra Small Lot: 558 m2
Construction Size: 288 m2 (3000 ft2)
Details: 3 Bedrooms + Office + Loft + Mini-Office
     3 Designer-Style Garden Bathrooms
     Sleeps 10 people comfortably (we have had up to 22!)
Amenities: Three AC units (we don’t use them), saltwater swimming pool, “Rancho” gazebo with BBQ/party area and fridge, Huge Gourmet Kitchen, Gas Stove, Recessed Shelving. Large Outdoor storage Bodega. Carport. Extensive Gardens. Many mature fruit trees.

Tropical Greenbuilding

The house has many tropical green-building features such as:

Recycled Building
White Roof
Vaulted Ceilings
Overhanging roof for cooling
Natural light
      White Ceiling
      White Walls
      Windows on every wall
Airflow – designed to cool naturally
Local Sustainably Grown Teak Wood Floors
Garden Bathrooms with Outside Showers
Dual Septic Tanks for Grey/Black water
Natural Shade by placement next to a banyan tree
Saltwater swimming pool
Concrete Counters
Kitchen Cabinets designed to be naturally bug and fungus free
Dual-flush Toilets
Sofas designed to be used as beds

Value Analysis

This house is priced at an incredible value. If we look at a reasonable “replacement value” for the house, it will be something like this:

— Roadfront Lot (4300 m2) = $200,000
— Extra Roadront Lot (558 m2) = $45,000
— 300m2 of quality construction = $360,000


Then consider it also has a pool, carport, bodega, and inside a popular eco village with a lot of amenities.

So it’s priced to sell fast!

Photo Gallery

Location of this house within Rancho Delicioso

Main House Lot