Silvana Martos

Bambi, our deer friend

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Bambi & Jedibambs

Meet Bambi our baby deer friend, this cute little animal became part of our community at Rancho Delicioso for a while. Animal care is a daily duty at the farm, and we all loved to take care of Bambi when she comes by and is hungry for her daily milk.

Bambi_smiling2Bambi appeared one day among our goats, apparently joining the only herd she could find, after her mom was most likely killed by local poachers (hunting is illegal in Costa Rica but still happens here sometimes.)

We started giving her raw cow’s milk from the neighbour’s farm so she could get all the nutrients she needs to grow big and strong. We were blessed to be able to take care of her for a time.

Eventually, she grew wilder and larger, and started to wander back into the forest from time to time on her own, nibbling on grass and bushes. Then, she learned how tasty our farm plants were, especially certain flowers like those of our squash and zucchini. At that point, we took her by car to a wild area where deer families were frequently seen, and let her go free.

In Costa Rica, it’s legal to have deer as pets as long as they aren’t chained or enclosed. In other words, if you let them free, and they stay with you on their own, then they are yours. But in our case, deer are too destructive to our growing efforts, so she needed to be relocated.

We imagine that now she’s part of a herd roaming around the Delicias area. Maybe we’ll see her again someday!