Geoff McCabe

Land/Lots for Sale

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Eco village map of lots for sale

Map of Rancho Delicioso – Orange Color are available. Click map for a bigger version.

Are you dreaming about living “the good life” in a tropical eco paradise? Many people find Rancho Delicioso and become inspired by what we’re doing here, and are interested to join our community.

If that describes you, then here’s a map of the lots that are for sale. Also, a video of one of the sold lots to give you an idea of what the farm looks like.

For great information about this, send me a facebook friend request to email [email protected]. Send me a message too so I know you’re interested in this. Then, I’ll put you into a private facebook group that only for people who are interested in joining our community. There, you’ll find many people like yourself who have asked me questions, and I respond in great detail. This will give you a better idea of how I think and what we’re planning for the community.

The map above shows the currently available lots (last updated November 3, 2023.) If the lot is in orange color and it has a price on it, then it’s for sale. Green is green zone and not/never for sale. Red are sold.

Eco House in Costa Rica for sale - Casa DeliciosaCasa Deliciosa for Sale! – We are also selling Casa Delicioso, the original house on the farm where the founders first lived while we developed the eco-village. It’s very beautiful and in a perfect location. It also has an extra small lot with it.

Includes: 3 Bedrooms 3 Designer “Garden” Bathrooms. Office, loft, mini-office, and carport. Large Bodega. Pool and Pool Gazebo. Extra Lot. Extensive gardens and mature fruit trees in many varieties. Roadfront with commercial zoning! Water, power, title, etc.

No Haggling Please! – About pricing, we are no longer negotiating the price on the lots. The price shown is the price to pay. I’ve been put in uncomfortable situations too many times. No matter what price I ask, a lot of people want to try to knock it down or re-negotiate after agreeing to something. Rancho Delicioso is very unique place. We have spent a fortune building high quality trails, orchards, gardens, and leaving half of the property as green zone, plus building many things for the community that aren’t offered in other similar projects. So if you don’t see and appreciate the value of what this is, then it may not be right for you, or you haven’t done enough research on the area yet. Please explore other real estate websites and shop around so you can feel confident that these lots are priced well and that what we’re selling is worth it to you.

If you can’t afford the asking price, please look for another lot you can afford. Or, you can buy a lot nearby and be our neighbor. Check for other lots in the area.

Also, I will no longer HOLD lots for people. They are available until someone puts down a deposit to hold them or buys them. Too many people have made me promises and then don’t follow through, so I hope you can understand that and not ask for special treatment.