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How to Find Rancho Delicioso

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Map to Rancho Delicioso

Driving Directions to Rancho Delicioso

Rancho Delicioso is in the middle of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, so is conveniently located close to all the best beach towns of Montezuma, Santa Teresa, and Malpais.

How to get to Rancho Delicioso from Montezuma

Driving Time: 10 minutes

Go up the hill from Montezuma, on the Delicias road, which is paved at the beginning steep parts, and starts at Hotel Amor de Mar and the Montezuma Falls parking lot.

From there, drive up past Anamaya, then you’ll get to an intersection after about four minutes and turn left. Then at another intersection a minute later, with a cemetery, turn right. You’ll pass the Delicias school on the right, then 300 meters later, on the right are the three gates of Rancho Delicioso. Enter the middle, green gate and park on the left in a flat area about 60 meters inside.

How to get to Rancho Delicioso from Santa Teresa & Mal Pais

Total Time: 15-20 minutes

From “El Cruce” (the crossroads) at Playa Carmen, drive up the hill like you’re going to Cobano, and then at the Doghouse bar/restaurant, turn right. Cross the river and then when you reach a T-intersection, turn right, and Rancho Delicioso is immediately on the left (green wooden gate) after 100 meters or so.

How to get to Rancho Delicioso from Cobano

Total Time: 7 minutes

Drive south/east from Cobano and when you reach the cemetery, turn right. Continue driving and cross a river or two. When you see the right-turn to Mal Pais / Santa Teresa, our green wooden gate will be 100 meters more on the left.

Taxi Service – Costs to Various Destinations

    Cobano $8
    Montezuma $10
    Playa Carmen $30
    Santa Teresa $35
    Tambor Airport $35
    Paquera Ferry $60

Google Map of Rancho Delicioso Location

As of November 2016, this map seems to be pretty up to date. I would guess the photo was taken in March of 2016. It’s dry season so all the grass is brown. The River Palace structure is there, under construction, and you can see all our greenhouses and the volunteer house.

Bing Map

As of Nov, 2016, the Bing map below seems to be around 4 years old, so it doesn’t show very much of what we have here now unfortunately. Hopefully they’ll update it soon.

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