Geoff McCabe

Building soil in raised beds

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Raised bed organic farming

The soil here is great, but very thin, so we’re working on building it up.

We’ve plowed it with a tractor and then piled it up in rows and then added a very thick layer of grass, leaves, chicken poop, cow manure, and rice hulls.

Now we wait, keeping it hydrated and letting it break down naturally and without a lot of work, with the hope that we will have 12 inches of good topsoil in a year or two.

The mulch is good for preventing many weeds from popping up, so less maintenance.

However, two plants have already started growing on their own. These are watermelon (sandia) and purslane (verdulaga), so we’ll be getting some harvests in the meantime. Probably squash and a few other things will grow well here