Geoff McCabe

Eco-Jewelry Made From Recycled Materials

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Recycled Fabric Bracelet from Pasion de Tres

I was a jewelry maker for eleven years, and traveled the world looking for interesting beads and materials to use for my company’s designs (Seventh Sense Inc) So I have a particular interest in this project and would love for someone to take it on.

Any pile of trash is a potential gold mine of beautiful materials for making jewelry, if you’ve got a knack for color arrangement, symmetry, and enough patience to manipulate these materials into jewelry parts.

I have compiled below a gallery of jewelry made from recycled materials… and much more can be found online:

Pasion de Tres: The photo above was taken at Rancho Delicioso of Yasmin Tobon, who made this bracelet primarily from recycled scraps of fabric from her fashion company Pasion de Tres.

RecyclArt Costa Rica: A great small company called Recyclart is in Costa Rica, where women are trained and empowered to create high quality jewelry from recycled materials. Check out more details and photos of their amazing work here: Recyclart Costa Rica