Geoff McCabe

Farm to Table Dinners

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Rancho Delicioso Farm Restaurant

The volunteers at the farm created our first “Farm to Table” vegetarian dinner here at Rancho Delicioso.

We were fortunate to have so many talented chefs here at the same time, so everyone was able to add something. It was difficult to pick the perfect spot for the dinner. The geodesic dome was the most beautiful option, but we worried that if the wind went the wrong way, the smell of the chicken coop might spoil the appetites of our guests.

Farm to Table Vegetarian Dinner FlierThe diners who came were mostly friends and locals who know and love the farm, and were happy to support us. We probably charged too little, especially compared to what others charge in the U.S., but we wanted to make sure we had a full table. In the end, we had far more people wanting to come than we had space for, and people keep calling or emailing to ask when the next one will be. So now we’re just waiting for the right mix of volunteers who have the desire to do it and the talent.

We plan to build a space where we can do regular farm-to-table dinners here, perhaps starting once per week, and then growing to two or even three times, if the demand is there. Because of our location in the middle of the peninsula, it’s fairly easy for us to sell tickets to people from both the Santa Teresa and Montezuma areas, so that our guests will be able to come up to take a tour of the farm, perhaps do yoga with us in our new shala, and then have dinner too.