Geoff McCabe

Amazing Fast-Growing Costa Rica Spinach

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All of these (bags in the foreground and background) were grown from a few leafless spinach stem scraps, about 3mm wide and 4cm long, leftover from a meal with my friends Jeremy and Andrea, the owners of La Escuela del Sol in Montezuma.

I first started the four small stems in four bags, which grew into larger plants, then I took small cuttings (just torn off by hand) and planted them in more bags.

Now we have 100 heads of spinach growing, and the entire process took perhaps two months!

This is truly an amazing spinach, which grows great here in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, and requires no pest control or other maintenance other than water and perhaps a bit of compost to help it grow faster.

This spinach also grows great in hanging containers and is very pretty as an ornamental.