Jacques Capati

Green Cuadrado Pancakes

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Green Cuadrado Pancakes

Cuadrados are a type of banana. Or maybe they’re a type of plantain? Whichever they are, they’re sort of a mix between the two. More firm than a banana, but softer and sweeter than a plantain. They are almost unknown outside of Central America, and foreigners love to try them, because the flavor is quite different than either of their cousins. Costa Ricans don’t eat them much, but often use them to feed to pigs and horses. We have a lot of them growing on the farm, so we wanted to use them for something. This is one of the cuadrado inventions we came up with.

Serves: 6


    5 Green cuadrados peeled and boiled
    3 Tbsp Butter
    1 Tbsp Baking Soda
    3 Eggs (We used pasture raised eggs from the farm)
    2 Cups Flour (We used 1 cup whole wheat and 1 of white)
    1 Apple grated
    1/2 Cup Raw Sugar
    Cinnamon and Honey to Taste
    1 Passion Fruit (Fresh from the farm)


Mash boiled cuadrados with sugar, apple and butter. Mix in flour and slowly stir in eggs. Cook over medium heat in a non stick pan until golden brown. Top with passion fruit, honey and cinnamon to taste.