Geoff McCabe

Greenbuilding Projects

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Tropical greenbuilding example from Pura Vida Sunsets Eco Village project in Montezuma

Tropical Greenbuilding is a passion of mine since I arrived in Costa Rica in 2004, and I’ve wanted to start a center to do research into alternative building materials and techniques for many years. Finally I have my chance with Rancho Deliciso.

You can see some of my tropical green-building architecture on two past projects here:

Solar Vistas: 5 Eco house designs
Pura Vida Sunsets: 4 Smaller House Designs

We have our first living structure started:

Living Shade Garden Unit – A 500ft2+ structure of living posts and shade plants that prevents p

Currently we’re focused on organic farming and permaculture, but we are planning for three sustainable construction projects in the future once we have enough volunteers:

Costa Rica Adobe Project – Adobe brick technology reinvention using local materials.

Living Structure Project – A concept to create, using living trees, structures such as a dome, shade garden, gazebo, mediation space, or even a single family home.

Recycled Materials House – The idea is to use recycled glass or plastic bottles to make walls. The area’s recycling center is next door so this is convenient.