Geoff McCabe

Homemade Pepperoncinis in 5 Minutes

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How to make pepperoncinis

I adore pepperoncinis, finding them highly addictive, and have been buying expensive imported jars if them.

Luckily they are easy to grow and easy to pickle them in jars, and if done right, are crunchy and amazing. I have been making them one small jar at a time and you can eat them the same day you make them.

My recipe is incredibly simple:

Wash any old jar and lid very well with soap and then stuff it with pepperoncini peppers. The peppers should be skewered with a knife to open slits that let in the liquid.

Then put into the jar:

Tablespoon of salt
Ground pepper
Crushed garlic
Red pepper seeds for spice

Then bring to a boil 3 parts water and one part white vinegar. Most vinegar in Costa Rica is synthetic so check the labels if you want the real stuff.

Add a tablespoon of honey or tapa dulce.

When it boils, remove it from the heat and wait about a minute, then pour it into the jar, filling it to the top and screw on the lid tight. Put in the refrigerator. Super easy, right?

As it cools it will contract and pull down the lid, so that when you open it, you’ll get that satisfying POP.

Of course, vary the amounts of ingredients based on what you like.