Geoff McCabe

Icosahedron Treehouse Construction

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Joseph had initially thought to build this sacred geometry structure on the ground, but then when checking out the tree’s in the area.  These 4 lovely Malinia trees in a circle called out to him.  One branched out in such a way that made a perfect 5 sided chalice if you will.  A perfect holding spot for this structure with a pentagon shaped floor.

The Sacred Geome-Tree House is Now Available to Rent!

The first structure, what’s now the bedroom is actually suspended on cables between these 5 main strong trunks.  The shape is called an Icosahedron.  Which is one of the 5 platonic solids.  It’s made up of 20 equilateral triangles that meet at 12 points or vertices that roughly make a spherical shape.

It’s assembled using all materials purchased here locally in Costa Rica, except for these plates that come in a kit for this purpose: Icosahedron Dome Plates.  You only get 11 plates because when you make the structure on the ground you don’t do the bottom point, the 12th vertex.  In order to get around this Joseph created a custom point at the top to complete the sacred shape.

For more info or questions, feel free to email [email protected].


treehouse construction 1

Working on the cane siding with some helper friends.


treehouse construction 6

The basic kitchen structure.


treehouse construction 5

The desk in the bedroom and the view!


treehouse construction 2

Working on the bridge boards with the help of the farm community.


treehouse construction 3

The kitchen counter in process.


treehouse construction 4

The kitchen couch / extra bed.