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Irene Alpizar

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Cob Building Costa Rica

Irene working on her Cob House in Montezuma

Irene was born in San Jose Costa Rica. She is an intuitive, analytic and sensitive person, passionate of all energetic connections with nature, enthusiastic about helping people move toward physical, emotional and spiritual health through natural techniques and lifestyle modifications.

A seeker and follower of all Metaphysical, Ancestral and Shamanic wisdom healing, Irene is constantly studying techniques and methods for using the vital energy also known in the ancient culture as Chi or Prana. Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, at UNED, Medicinal plants and therapies on Applied Herbal Therapy Institute, Pranic Healing Course from Institute for Inner Studies 2014 Holistic Medicine for Woman on Essentia with Dra.Mercuri.2013. Acupressure, Auriculotherapy, Bioenergetic Massage on ESMENTA School in Guatemala, 2014.

She also has an International Certification as a Red Tent Activator by DeAnna L’am in October 2015, Facilitator and empowering women and girls. This program is to help them develop a better relationship with their cycles, for the acceptance and appreciation of their body, reinforcing their feminine intuition and sexuality, through self-love, self-awareness.

In 2015, she moves from San Jose to their family land in Cobano, Puntarenas, to change her lifestyle and build one of the most challenging and inspiring projects a family healthy house, using recycling and local materials, trying to cause less impact to environmental, the house is made under the Traditional Costa Rican Building and the walls has mixture of Mud, Clay, Sand and Straw. This construction technique is generally known as “Cob” in the permaculture world.

Irene strives to promote positive thinking, conscious awareness and change. In her free time she enjoys time at the beach with her twelve years old son, dancing, practicing yoga, meditating and writing about her observations and experiences.

She is deeply convinced that rather than dreaming of a different world, the better choice is to take action and commit to the Nature, Conservation, Regeneration and Protection of all life.