Rachel Reed

Making an Herb Garden – Introduction – (Part I)

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Making an Herb Garden: Introduction (Part 1)

Making an herb gardenCheck it out! We’re planting an herb garden. Our beautiful 8m x 15m space is a gentle slope adjacent to the volunteer house. When we lifted the black plastic protective sheet we found dried straw upon rice hulls upon a base layer of regular but hard-packed soil. Two groovy banana trees are situated within the space.

Our immediate tasks are to design the garden (shape, plants, and their placement) and determine how to amend the soil in preparation for transplanting the seedlings. Once Geoff approves our Master Plan we will simultaneously begin laying out rocks and amending the soil. All the while watering and whispering to our seedlings growing dutifully in the greenhouse.

Part II – The Design Part
Part III – Rocks Placement
Part IV – Adding the Herbs