Geoff McCabe

Mandala Keyhole Garden

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Mandala Herb Garden

The Mandala Keyhole Garden is made, but and we’re still in the process of putting in our herbs and other plants. So far we have aloe vera, sage, two types of oregano, tarragon, two types of parsley, basil, and cilantro. There’s also a section of Garbanzos that we’re experimenting with, and the outside is lined with garlic, which supposedly will help keep away pests, although at this moment, the garlic isn’t growing so well.

The second mandala garden we’re reserving for medicinals, both exotics, and local ones that we are finding as we identify them, such as Lantana and Dormilana. We also have “incense” which supposedly is used for that, but we aren’t sure what the plant really is.

We have this planted near to the volunteer house, and plan to use the second part for experiments… perhaps trial plants that we need to keep an eye on constantly.

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