Geoff McCabe

Map of the Farm

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Costa Rica Eco Village Map

The total farm is 43 hectares, which is ~106 acres.

Much of it is flat, with a few valleys that have seasonal creeks. At the north end is a river with water all year, which drains down to the Rio Montezuma. Theoretically, one could walk from here all the way to Montezuma Falls, which would probably take four hours or so. Jaime and I made it as far as the Rio Montezuma, which was much wider than our little creek, hoping to find a good swimming hole or a waterfall, but we didn't find anything special other than a lot of beautiful trees and a small mysterious cave. Google Map of the Farm, click here: Google Map To see the core of the farm where we do most of the day-to-day work and planting, click here: Farm Core