Miracle Fruit!

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Miracle Berries

These amazing mini-fruits are one of the most remarkable things I’ve ever eaten.

Here are the farm, we have a couple of these bushes, and at any given time they have a half dozen or so of these small, bean-sized “miracle fruits“, which have a magical ability that has to be experienced to be believed.

The way it works is that you put about half a miracle fruit into your mouth and chew/suck on it for a while.  Then, you take half of  fresh lime or lemon, and suck on it!  Now normally, doing this would be suicide for your taste buds, BUT this is where the miracle comes in… believe it or not, the lime or lemon will taste super SWEET!

It’s really one thing to have someone tell you about this, and quite another to actually do it yourself.

So drop by Rancho Delicioso sometime and experience this miracle fruit for yourself.