Geoff McCabe


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Montezuma is simply one of the coolest and most unique tropical beach towns in the world.

Still very small, it’s remote location on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula has saved it from being overrun by mass tourism and development, as so many of the world’s most beautiful places are.

An international melting pot of yogis, artists, hippies, fire dancers, surfers, jungle lovers, permaculturists, and other freaky people who make the beauty of the world, Montezuma has become a favorite spot of so many people who have visited.

Its white sand beaches, incredible restaurants, waterfalls, hiking spots, and various activities like horseback riding, surfing, fishing, snorkeling, etc, make it a great vacation spot for people who are trying to get away from the crowds.

Here’s a few photos and video of Montezuma and the surrounding area such as Santa Teresa, Malpais, and Cabuya, all close enough together to visit them all in a single day.

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Santa Teresa:


Montezuma Videos


A Few Photos of Montezuma


Surfers in Montezuma heading towards Playa Grande

Montezuma - overhead drone photo

Montezuma Costa Rica Town Bay

Montezuma Falls - lower waterfall