Geoff McCabe

Photos of the Farm

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Here’s a nice photo gallery of a bunch of our favorite photos taken at the farm over the past four years since we started here. I hope these will give you a good idea of what it’s like to be here.

Aerial Silk by Livio - 1200px 2

Yoga Deck

Yasmin with Baby Goat

Visit to Rancho Delicioso 3 - 1200px

Taking Care of Bambi


Steel Greenhouse

Ready for the Bees

Painting Farm Signs

North View from Robbie's Lot

Nicole Painting Mural - 1200px

Mulched Beds with Partial Shade

Mulched Bed Farming

Mandala Keyhole Herb Gardens

Lot 21 - Green Season

Lot 1 - Plowed for Planting Plantains and Yucca

Joseph's Treehouse

Internal Farm Road

Ice Cream Bean from Lot 27

Hugelculture Making at RD


Hanging Sofa

Guest Lodging for PYP Program

Goat Playground

Flowers for Bees

Fire Pit and Marshmallows

Ficus Dome - Beginning Circle - 1200px

Farm to Table Dinner on Yoga Deck

Farm to Table Dinner 5 - 1000px

Farm Road with North View

Experimental Planting - Corn and Beans

Dry Season Farm Photo



Dome with Aerials - by Livio - 1200px

Cows Across the Street

Chef Hugo Farm Salad 1

Cheap Shade Structure

Biggest Greenhouse

Benefit for Wild Sun Wildlife Sanctuary

Baby Horse Wants to Play

Baby Chick