Geoff McCabe

PYP Photo Collection

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These photos were taken during the Feb 7-13 PYP group, and will give you some idea of what to expect during the week. Of course, all groups are different and there’s some variety in the activities that happen.

Aerial - Amber - 1200px

Yoga Class - 1200px

Web of Life - 1200px

Tropical Greenhouse 1200px

Tilapia Pond and Josephine

Pool Party - 1000px

Passion Dome Hammock - 1200px

Passion Dome at Night

Passion Dome - 1200px

Opening Circle - 1200px

Montezuma Street Party - Eli Firedancing

Lunch - 1200px

Ksenia - Tree Hugger - 1200px

Ksenia - Dancing Queen

Jungle Hike Group Shot - 2400px

Hydroponics from Recycled Water Bottle

Hydroponics Class 2

Hydroponics Class 1

Hanging Out

Ghost Seed

Food Ninja - Laura Chef

Food - Veggie Burger

Food - Vegan Lasagna

Food - Hummus

Food - Goat Cheese and Italian Bread

Food - Felafel

Food - Felafel Plate

Family - 1200px

Dancing at Chicos

Closing Circle

Chickie 3

Chickie 2

Chickie 1

Cherry Tomato Harvest - 1200px

Cashew Fruit

Anamaya Dinner - 1200px

Alex - Art

Aerial Silk Class 1 - 1200px

Aerial Shannon - 1200px

Aerial - Yasmin - Pain or Laughter 1200px

Aerial - Matt - Body Snatcher 1200px

Aerial - Kalindi 1200px

Aerial - Josephine Coccoon - 1200px

Photo by Krishna