Geoff McCabe

PYP Sample Schedule

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In case you’d like to know more details about what we plan to do for the week, I’m publishing here this week’s schedule of what we have planned.

This is somewhat flexible, depending on what teachers are available and other things. For example, sometimes an amazing teacher will show up in the area and we’ll move things around to fit them in somewhere. Also, if someone shows up late on the first day then we will not be able to do the Opening Circle until the following day. So please understand that the schedule is flexible with regards to both times and what we’ll be offering, and it will be written on our blackboard each day in the dining area so you can always see what’s happening each day.

The schedule is very full! We found at Anamaya that people don’t always want to do so much and prefer more time to relax, but here at Rancho Delicioso, it seems like people want more to do, so we’re offering a lot. You can always opt out of classes if you need a break and want more chill time.