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Rosemary Veggie Farm Rice

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Farm-Fresh Rosemary Rice with Farm Veggies and Egg

Rosemary Farm Rice - TallPreparation Time: 15 minutes (excluding time of rice cooking)

Serves: 4

This is a very fast, easy, and tasty way to use yesterday’s leftover rice and whatever vegetables you have around. The simple flavor of rosemary and garlic brings out the farm-fresh flavor in the veggies.

In my case, I had a bunch of not-yet-ripe cherry tomatoes (orange and hard, rather soft and red), which turned out to be a blessing and a delight in this recipe. Their firm texture stayed relatively crunch compared with how ripe tomatoes would have disintegrated.

I also had a mystery vegetable that grew spontaneously in a large dirt pile we were making. It seemed to be half Zucchini, half Squash (Ayote in Spanish). An Italian friend told us this was a “Zuka” a.


2 Cups Zuka (Zucchini/Squash or Similar)
1 Cup Cherry Tomatoes (Orange color because they’re not quite ripe)
1 Cup of Brown Rice (before cooking)
2 Eggs
1 Tbsp Sunflower Oil
1 Clove Garlic
Salt & Pepper


Make the rice, and be sure to salt it and add some flavor like garlic, onion, and a bit of olive oil or butter. The final recipe will be much tastier if your rice isn’t bland on its own. When making this recipe, I often use rice leftover from the day before.

Chop the Zuka/Zucchini/Squash, tomatoes, and garlic.

Put the garlic with the oil in a large skillet that has a covering lid, after heating the pan to medium temperature, and put the veggies on top (excluding the tomatoes).

Leave this to simmer for a couple of minutes while you mix the eggs in a bowl with salt and pepper. Every minute or so, turn the mix over. Don’t touch it too much. You want it to brown on the pan. Leave the pan covered when not turning the ingredients.

After 5-6 minutes, add the tomatoes and half the rosemary, and cook for another two minutes.

Pour the egg over the top and mix the ingredients frequently with a spatula, for about a minute. You can separate off part of the veggie mix to add on top later if you want a prettier result.

Put in the rice and cook it for another two minutes.

Pile it on the plate, pour over the colorful veggies, and sprinkle the remainder of the rosemary, plus salt and pepper.

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