Emily Pistell

Thank you Hallie!

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photo (1)Hey I’m Hallie! I’ve been on the farm for a month now, and a week before my Yoga Teachers Training that I did at Anamaya. I originally came to Costa Rica for the teachers training, but have found my time on the farm to be a great compliment to the lessons I learned during my training, as with a deepening of my yoga practice has come a deepening awareness of what I bring into my body. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Anamaya after the month, and Im really glad I didn’t because I have loved my time here on the farm. I am from London, so as a bit more of a city girl that the rest of the volunteers, I have loved gaining a deeper understanding of the food I eat through milking goats and making cheese, planting and such. My focus here has been on cooking, each day cooking for everyone and creating new recipes using the produce we grow here at the farm to add to a collection for the farm one day to host farm to table dinners.