Geoff McCabe

Volunteer Program with Josephine

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Yoga Teacher JosephineHere’s a form to fill out if you’re interested in joining Josephine’s vegan volunteer project here at Rancho Delicioso.

I’m writing this out without really knowing too much about exactly what Josephine is going to offer. This is based only my discussion with her and you should expect this text to disappear at any moment and be replaced by her when she knows more specifics. She hopes to start in November/December of 2017.

My impression from Josephine is that she will host volunteers on her land here at Rancho Delicioso, which is Lot 21 on the bottom right. Volunteers will at first live in tents or very simple structures, while using local natural materials to build more permanent structures, out of cob, adobe, wood, bamboo, etc.

The program will include:

    Lots of hard work with the earth
    Yoga and meditation
    Food – very simple and vegan
    A small and close community of like-minded seekers and earth lovers

While you’d live and work on Josephine’s land, you’d still have all of Rancho Delicioso to enjoy and explore, plus the amazing area of Montezuma and Santa Teresa.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for then please fill out this form.