Lisa Rubin

Welcome Lisa!

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Lisa Rubin Volunteer

I’m so pleased to be staying on this beautiful farm, learning everything I can in the short time I’m here! I came here from San Francisco, where I spent the last three years making jewelry and crafts in my spare time, and working in accounting for a primary healthcare start-up. I recently quit my job and left the city to tour Central America and likely will not return to accounting. After traveling for several weeks I arrived at Rancho Delicioso, elated to unpack my bags and get familiar with life on the farm.

farmI came here with essentially no experience in or knowledge of farming, but with a yearning to absorb everything I can about it. After a few weeks I’ve learned much of the basics of planting, caring for, and harvesting plants. I’m also pleased to be working on my cooking skills. Within the volunteer group, we have a rotating lunch chef each day, and it’s been great to experiment with using ingredients from the farm to make tasty, healthy vegetarian meals. When I’m not outside in the farm I’ve been upcycling plastic bags by crocheting them into useful objects, such as bowls and dish covers to keep the flies away, and even experimenting with the same technique to make jewelry!