Monica Ravizza

Welcome Monica!

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My name is Monica Ravizza and I’m from Los Angeles, CA. I received my bachelors in Psychology and my Masters in Social Work from UCLA (Go Bruins!). Before coming to Rancho Delicioso I was working as a grant writer for a non profit hospital, and while I was helping to fund programs that supported health initiatives in low income communities, sitting inside at a computer all day just wasn’t me. For a while I’d been wanting to learn more about sustainable living, permaculture, farming/gardening, and alternative lifestyles so I thought volunteering at Rancho Delicioso would be a perfect way to do so!



The way we treat our planet horrifies me, the planet isn’t ours to exploit in the name of profit and “progress” but rather our home that we need to protect and honor. Especially horrifying to me is our current food production system, which is why volunteering on an organic farm is of special interest to me, I want to learn how to grow fresh organic food while caring for our earth. When I feel my education is “complete” I would like to take my knowledge and work with kids and community members in school gardens. As often as a parent tells their child to “eat your vegetables”, nothing works better at getting kids to eat veggies than actively involving them in growing those veggies!