Geoff McCabe

Yoga Shala at Rancho Delicioso

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Caleigh-1-800pxFinally after years of talk, wishes, and planning, we have a beautiful yoga deck here at Rancho Delicioso.

Click here for a Calendar of Classes and Events.

It’s a bit over 8×8 meters (over 700 ft2), large enough for 24-25 people to do yoga.

Construction Details

The first thing you may notice is that the roof is a bit patchworked. This is because all the tiles were recycled from when we changed the roof at Anamaya. The tiles are made from recycled plastic so this roof is “double recyled!”

The wood that the tiles sit on is mostly from a Melina tree that was struck by lightning right in front of where the yoga deck is built.

The main roof structure is made from steel, but painted to look like wood. Most people don’t notice that it’s metal. This helps a lot with termites, and it makes sure the roof lines are very “true” which reduces leaks, which are more likely to form in a roof made with reused tile.

The supporting columns are locally farmed teak trees.

The wood is “Mountain Almond” which is the best possible wood for a yoga or dance deck floor. Normally we wouldn’t use because it’s an endangered tree, but this wood had been sitting around in a warehouse for 8-10 years and was super-discounted.

Gallery of Photos

Aerial Silk

We also built in 4 permanent aerial silk stations for classes, since we love this art form. There’s also a fifth spot for the teacher to set up as well, or for shows, which is in the center with the jungle view in the background.

Click here for a Calendar of Classes and Events.